AkuaMatrix Bio-Sphere

AkuaMatrix Bio-Sphere is a blend of natural minerals and quartz powder. Giving it an excellent hardness and surface area for beneficial bacteria. To rapidly reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

~32mm diameter

AkuaMatrix Cylinder

AkuaMatrix Cylinder biological media has a unique micro-porous structure formed under 1800°C high-temperature calcination. This high porosity structure provides optimal environments for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to colonize and thrive. Such conditions are crucial for the rapid breakdown of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates along with pH stabilization.

~158mm long by 40mm diameter

The AkuaMatrix Guarantee

For a variety of uses

Our products efficiently work in freshwater, saltwater and ponds

100% safe

For use with fish, corals, plants and invertebrates

Will not leach aluminum or any heavy metals

Each batch of our products has to go trough rigorous test and quality control to ensure the best quality.